Organize your tour inventory

Problem Solution

A client emails you for a tour or transportation request. You look on your clipboard to see if you have space available. You email him back with a temporary yes or no while awaiting a deposit or a change of time suggestion.

Much time has passed as you await the clients response... another client now emails, and you are awaiting a deposit from the 1st client. So you delay your response to the 2nd client.

The 1st client does not respond in 18 hours and you decide to ask the 2nd client for a deposit. Right after you send the email, the 1st client says he has mailed a check. All is chaos!

Inventory control is the answer!

With our system the client will be confirmed or declined immediately upon a request.

It's simple.. you merely describe your tour or transportation rules, and we look after things. We issue confirmation numbers and collect all the information by integrating with your web site.

Our web site lets you login and see who's going where, whats happening, and controls your inventory.

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